Fire Damage Restoration

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The effects of a fire can be devastating and widespread. Our fire damage restoration experts are ready to assist you in your time of need. Even after a fire has been extinguished, it is essential to promptly repair the damaged property.

Damage from a fire can go much deeper into the structure of your home than what is initially seen, causing more problems than just those that are immediately apparent.

This could be the result of damage caused by soot that has spread throughout your home, or it could be the result of damage caused by smoke and odor that is still there. Following a fire, restoration is essential to bringing a house back up to the living standards it had before the fire.

What are the most common causes of fires?

The most common causes of fires are:

  • Careless smoking
  • Careless cooking
  • Use of electrical equipment
  • Use of flammable liquids
  • Defective wiring
  • Faulty heating equipment
  • Children playing with matches or lighters

We immediately begin minimizing the effects of the fire as much as possible and getting repairs underway as soon as possible!

What are the first steps I should take after a fire?

The first steps you should take after a fire are to call your local fire department and your insurance company. You will need to provide the fire department with your name, address, and phone number so they can contact you if there are any updates about the fire.

The insurance company will need to know the same information so they can start the claims process. Once you have done that, you should start to assess the damage to your home and belongings. Shreveport Water Damage Restoration, can help you through the whole process. We can even help you with filling out the insurance form.

How We Can Assist with the Repair of Fire Damage

  • Removing Smoke Odors
  • Reconstruction of Burned-Out Kitchens
  • Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration
  • Repairing the Damage Done by the Fire Eliminating the Smell
  • Cleaning and Repair of Soot and Fire Damage on the Roof
  • Property Reconstruction and Restoration Following a Fire
  • Repairing the Effects of Water Damage (From the water used by the Fire Department)

What are the most common types of fire damage?

The most common type of fire damage is charring. This is when the fire burns the surface of an object and leaves a blackened residue. Other common types of fire damage include soot, which is when the fire leaves a fine black powder on surfaces; and smoke, which is when the fire leaves a smoky residue on surfaces.

In most cases, the damage caused by combustion and heat accounts for a relatively minor portion of the totality. The harm caused by the fire's indirect effects is frequently far worse. Soot, water, and impact of fire gases can sometimes cause more severe damage to your home or structure, its contents, machinery, and equipment than the fire gases themselves. These three types of damage can inflict massive amounts of damage.

Because of this, we promptly safeguard any valuables, computers, and vital papers. In the event of rain, we board up any exposed windows, doors, or roofs. To lessen the impact of the soot, we turn off the air conditioning and install a corrosion barrier. We restore your operations to normal as quickly as possible, and then we begin the recovery process.

Plan of action for businesses in the event of damage caused by fire

If you own a company, we would like to offer our assistance in formulating a contingency plan for your company. Simply because you already have enough to worry about if you have to deal with the aftermath of a fire. If this is the case, you are not prepared for the additional labor that will be required for the restoration.

Finding a cleaning service to handle the cleaning, a restoration contractor, and an electrician, and working out a settlement with your insurance company are all things that need to be done. The longer you wait before beginning the cleaning and restoration process, the more severe the impact of the fire gases will be on the property.

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